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Q. How does CIP (C8KE Influencer Program) work?

The C8KE Influencer Program (CIP) is a program designed for social media influencers who have a substantial following on social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook. 

Influencers use the C8KE App to create photo/video posts on their dedicated C8KE link-in-bio page, featuring recommended products from the CIP merchants. Then share these with their social media followers, encouraging purchases. CIP merchants compensate influencers for successful referrals.

C8KE provides influencers with analytics and reporting tools to track sales, performance, including clicks, conversions, and earnings.

Q. How do I qualify for CIP?

C8KE accepts applications from all types of Influencers and Content Creators across a variety of niches.  When reviewing your application, we look at your follower base, quality of posts, and other engagement metrics.

Q. How much will I earn?

The amount you can earn is based on how much purchasing influence you have over your audience.  The CIP provides an opportunity for its users to earn commission on all products sold from qualifying CIP merchants.  All commission rates are set by the merchants themselves and range from 10%+. 

You can view the CIP merchants commission rates by going to:

C8KE App > Stores 

* Note, merchants with no commission rate displayed are NOT CIP merchants and do not qualify. 

Q. Is it free to join? How to join?

Yes, it’s 100% FREE to join the CIP program!  Additionally, you get your own unique C8KE Page for FREE as well!

To join CIP, just sign up or sign in your C8KE account, click the CIP to apply.

Q. What do I do?

Use the C8KE App or the C8KE Chrome Extension (for Google Chrome) to create engaging posts with photos or videos that feature products. These posts will be shown on your C8KE Link-in-Bio Page.

Share your Link-in-Bio Page or individual posts on your social networks, or put them on your blogs. When your audience discovers and gets inspired by your posts, makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

To showcase products better, you can either buy them directly from the merchant's website or contact the merchant to arrange for product reviews.

Q. How do I get product links to start earning commission?

Unlike affiliate programs, C8KE makes it easy. You don't need to get your product links; just use the C8KE App or Chrome Extension to add a CIP merchant's product to your post. When your audience clicks and shops, you earn a commission. You can also embed your posts on your blog or website to reach more people.

Q. What’s CIP tracking duration?

30 days.

Influencers receive a commission for sales that occur during this period after a shopper clicks on a product in the influencer's post.

Q. How often do you pay?

CIP payouts are made bi-weekly on the 1st and 16th of every month.

Q. What is the difference between open and closed earnings?

Open earnings are funds associated with purchases that fall within the merchant's specified return grace period. In such cases, open earnings might be reduced if a product is returned.

Closed earnings, on the other hand, are earnings that have passed the return grace period and are now available for payment to the influencer.

Q. When can I get paid?

C8KE enforces a minimum payout of $50 USD in closed earnings, and this is evaluated before each bi-weekly payment. If you haven't reached this threshold, you won't receive a payout until you do.

Q. How do I get paid?

C8KE currently processes payments through PayPal. 

Q. Who gets commission if a shopper clicks on the same product from multiple influencers' posts?

The commission goes to the influencer whose product was clicked on last before the sale was finalized.

Q. Can I use my own domain for my C8KE Link-in-Bio Page? 

 Yes, C8KE supports your own domain, it is available under the advanced features.


Q. I already have a LTK profile, I already have my Amazon Influencer Program storefront page, why should I work with C8KE?

CIP doesn't conflict with your LTK or Amazon Influencer Program (AIP). In fact, CIP complements them well for making money from your content. It offers you additional opportunities with merchants that are not part of LTK.

When it comes to Link-in-bio, many LTK or AIP influencers use a Linktree to split their traffic. However, this makes followers choose which page to visit, which isn't very clever.

A smarter approach is to consolidate all your content on a single "link in bio" page. From there, you can link each post to your LTK, AIP, CIP, or other destinations. This way, you'll make better use of your traffic and achieve improved results.

C8KE provides a versatile, all-in-one link-in-bio page where shoppers can explore, follow, and make purchases. You can even merge all your LTK and Amazon links into a single stream within your C8KE link-in-bio page. (See below for example.)


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