How To Rearrange The Order Of Your Posts

Rearrange the order of your posts
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In this article we are going to explain how to rearrange your posts within your shoppable gallery.

There are two ways you can do this.

Method 1

Open your C8KE landing Page on a mobile phone browser like safari or chrome ( note you can only do this on a phone, it will not work on desktop.)

Access your C8ke landing page by typing in your unique URL into your search bar. 


Once you've accessed your C8ke landing page, hold any post for 3 seconds until you see a popup window (you may need to try this more than once to access the popup window).

Next Click on 'Login to Edit' and log into your C8ke Account.

Once logged in, again hold down on a post for 3 seconds.  Once the pop window shows up again, click on "Switch View"

Now click on "List View"

You will now see a grey '+' cursor on every post.

To rearrange a post, just hold the grey "+" cursor and move it up and/or down to the desired location.

Method 2

Within the C8ke app under "Me", click on "Posts"

Next click on any post and then click on the red "edit" button

At the bottom of the post within the comment section, you will see a line with a number.  

Each post has its own unique number.  You can modify this number for rearrangement purposes.  A post with a larger number will be placed higher.

Once you've updated the number hit the "update" button in the top right hand corner.


Let's say you have three posts:

A - n[12345620]

B - n[12345610]

C - n[12345600]

If you want to move B to the top, change B's number (12345610) to a number that is larger than A's (12345620)

For example Change B to: 12345621

The Click on "Update" to save changes. 

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