How to add a quick link

How to add a quick link to your C8ke page
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First navigate to the Links Group section in our C8ke Page Editor.

To do this:

1) Using the C8ke App

Log into the C8ke App and click on the "Me" in bottom toolbar

Under the C8ke Page section, click on "Settings" 

2) Using Desktop

Login into your account through

Links Group 

Click on the Links Group section:

Here you can add a new quick link.

You have the option to add the new link to the top or to the bottom of your current links group:

First put in the URL of your link.  Make sure to include "https://"

Also make sure to add a title to your new link as well:

If you would like to add a photo to your link, add it here:

If you would like to temporarily remove a link but have it saved for later, simply click off the toggle button:

If you would like to change the layout and style of your links group, check out our related article here:

How to change the layout of your links group

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