How to add Social Links

How to add social links to your C8ke Page
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First navigate to the Social section in our C8ke Page Editor.

To do this:

1) Using the C8ke App

Log into the C8ke App and click on the "Me" in bottom toolbar

Under the C8ke Page section, click on "Settings" 

2) Using Desktop

Login into your account through

Social Section

Click on "Social":

Here you can add in all of your social links.

Note: Only put in your username not your URL

To add more social icons click on Add social:

As you can see there are a ton of options to choose from:

Change the Color

To change the color of the links head to the "Appearance Tab" then to text color.

Note: If you change the color of the links, this will also change the color of all of your text on your C8ke page. 

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