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Import your Instagram content onto your C8KE Page, add multiple links to the posts and help direct your Instagram audience to the right places.
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You can add links to your Instagram post once it is imported to C8KE.  Refer to:

How to edit a post and How to add links to a post

Import an Instagram Post to your C8KE

1) Using the C8KE App

- Open the C8KE App, click Post icon in the bottom toolbar.

- Choose From Instagram option.

2) Using the C8KE Chrome Extension

Click the C8KE Icon beside the address bar on Chrome browser, and sign into your C8KE Account:

Next click "From Instagram

How to set up bulk import 

1) Using the C8ke App

Log into the C8ke App and click on Me in bottom toolbar

Under Instagram, click on Connection

Log into your Instagram account 

Note: your information and account will remain safe and private.

When Instagram asks for permission make sure to click approve:

You should now be connected.

Under Posts click bulk import

2) Using Desktop

Login into your account through

Click on Instagram in the left hand tool bar 

Next, click on Connect to Instagram in the top right toolbar 

Follow the same Instagram prompts as above.

How to Bulk Import 

On both desktop and mobile (once you've clicked bulk import) all of your Instagram images will appear.

Images with a white box can be imported into your shoppable gallery.  You can import multiple at one time.  

If they have a round green circle with a check that means they've already been added to your shoppable gallery.

Once you've checked all of the white boxes on pictures you want to import, click the share button.

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